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At Art Spellz, we believe that life transformation doesn't have to be painful, or something you force.  

People who "try" transformational fad processes like diets, abstinence, or suffering through waiting for "it" to become a habit are 80% assured of failure.  Art Spellz wants to show you a better way backed by scientific evidence.

Our classes and workshops foundation is built on the The 7 Shortcuts of Life Transformation. Art and coaching are just two of those.

Art Spellz combines:
  •  art instruction
  • coaching
  • spirit
  • words
and the other Seven Short Cuts to Life Transformation in a unique online platform that literally transforms you through a group coaching-like setting that includes videos, workbooks/journals, mp3's, groups, forums and  through premium services like your own classroom which provides one-on-one while you create art.

Want to know more about the 7 Shorcuts to Life Transformation?

Join us for our Launch in Spring 2014 where we will host a free webinar all about the 7 Shortcuts and how they work here at Art Spellz.  Sign up for our newsletter so you won't miss the date!

Art Spellz is the brain & heart-child of author, coach and entrepreneur, Mario Zeleny.

"While my 15 years of coaching was within management, administration and director positions within healthcare and social services, much of the "business" coaching I did was actually personal coaching related to the person: their participation, relationships, habits, performance, meeting goals and their satisfaction. 
In 2013, my coaching direction officially changed to personal transformational coaching using my passion for the written word, art and ritual to reveal vital insights and foster real transformation during the coaching process.  I have discovered through my own experience that real change comes little by little, on a daily basis and through 7 key areas/habits."

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