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Classes and Workshops

Why Art Spellz Classes and Workshops?
What Makes Us Different?

  • Classes and Workshops are split into small modules.  Review and find what you need easily.
  • Skills and Techniques are filmed separately from instructions avoiding information overload
  • Premium classes and workshops provide your own private classroom
  •  Highly edited videos and content does not waste your time with dead air, repeated info, verbose and vague chatter
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to life transformation
  • Scientifically proven strategies for change
  • Coach moderators for non-premium classes (non-premium classes do receive personal coaching feedback)
  • Ecumenical Spiritual base (all traditions welcome and embraced but not any one promoted)
  • Individual coaching at group coaching prices (premium classes and workshops only)

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Classes and Workshops Available in Spring 2014
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Upcoming Classes/Workshops 2014: TBA
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