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Free Ritual Tea Class

This is our free companion class to Mario's book:
Ritual Tea: How the 9 Secrets of Tea Can Transform Your Life.

What nourishes you?

We're not just talking food... we're talking life.

This tea ritual not only adds a nourishing element to your life, but also helps you:
  • Discern the difference between Fad-Self Care and Real Self Care
  • Discover the'being' in self care versus the 'doing'
  • Increase clarity, passion, and energy in your life
  • Heal fatigue and confusion from stress and anxiety
  • Increase fulfillment and calm
This flexible tea and art based ritual can also be a foundation for integrating new habits and filling your life with a targeted energy and manifestation.

Option 1: Class: $55.00 FREE
Self-Paced, Multiple modules, at Our Workshop Website. One art project, Educational, Transformational.

Option 2: Class: $70.00 $50.00 Grand Opening Special
Self-Paced Class by Email with the option of coming to the workshop site to also access the class and use the help forum, to share your work, or to get to know other ArtSpellers. Includes: Workbook Journal and Bonus Art Papers and Digital Images. Multiple modules, Multiple art projects, Educational, Transformational.

Option 3: Class: $99.00 $75.00 Grand Opening Premium Special
Attend at our Workshop site with your own PRIVATE CLASSROOM and One-on-One Coaching Feedback. Length: 4 weeks. Includes Workbook Journal and Bonus Art Papers and Digital Images
Multiple modules, Multiple art projects,  Advanced Project, Educational, Transformational.

This class will be available in Spring, 2014.